SYNOPTIQUE 2004-2005
The Journal of Film and Film Studies
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A look back at some of our favourite articles

From SYNOPTIQUE 1 :: An Interview with Kim Longinotto by Lys Woods and Val Politis. Longinotto is a documentary filmmaker and all around class act; we only wish we could've posted the entire video we shot of this interview. Check out the circa 2004 article design. Classic.

From SYNOPTIQUE 2 :: Silence is Golden: The Ferguson-Farber Affair. I had always hoped this would create some controversy. Maybe the article was a little too tongue-in-cheek; maybe plagiarism is an indecent topic of conversation. For the record, Colin Burnett is one of the biggest Manny Farber fans out there.

From SYNOPTIQUE 3 :: Tough call. In honour of Synoptique 10's Asian Cinema edition, I'm going to go with Martin Lefebvre's bullseye review of THE LAST SAMURAI.

From SYNOPTIQUE 4 :: The FLASH movies for Women and the Silent Screen: Panel 16 were pains to put together. I think it was worth it. For your viewing and listening pleasure: full panel presentations by Tom Gunning, Christine Gledhill, and Rosanna Maule. Make sure you check out the layout. Lys Woods wrote a great talk-thru. Some nice Easter Eggs for the eager to click.

From SYNOPTIQUE 5 :: Bruno versus Bruno : Duel autour de TEAM AMERICA
(ou comment prendre très au sérieux les aventures extraordinaires d’un groupe de pantins obsédés par le sexe et la destruction du monde)
. How could I resist? IN FRENCH. This was also the edition we introduced the Synoptique Style Gallery.

From SYNOPTIQUE 6 :: Another very tough call. I'll go with There is no Band at Club Silencio: Thoughts on David Lynch and MULHOLLAND DRIVE by Mario Falsetto.

From SYNOPTIQUE 7: This might be my favourite edition. No, I'm sure it is. This one was put together very fast, and with great difficulty. Two articles from #7:

Susan Sontag's Readers Respond, Remember, Re-read. by Melissa Anderson, Dudley Andrews, Jean Bruce, Marcie Frank, John Locke, Adrian Martin, E. Ann Kaplan, James O. Naremore, Carl Rollyson, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Robert Sklar, Greg Taylor, and Jerry White.

and The Actress as Model: Tippi Hedren in Hitchcock by Jodi Ramer.

From SYNOPTIQUE 8 :: This edition was put together almost single-handedly by taskmaster Michael Baker. My favourite in an edition full of highlights: Notes on Two Movies by Dirk De Bruyn by Mike Hoolboom.

From SYNOPTIQUE 9: Again, tough to decide. I'll link you to Najmeh Khalili Mahani's article on Neurophenomenology and Film. But, as with all the editions, I encourage you to poke around. #9's release was supposed to correspond with the Synoptique Benefit concert. We were close. For those who miss(ed) the event, check out the pictures here, and Brett Kashmere's screening notes for the evening's films here.

And our last edition, dedicated to Asian Cinema, and bursting with flavour:


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