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Edition 11


edited by Owen Livermore

Originally published as an integrated/interactive HTML website, this edition has been preserved for future viewing in the form of PDFs which attempt to preserve the original layout as best as possible.

Download the Complete 11th Edition of Synoptique

Individual Chapters

From the Editor

Amanda D’Aoust

For A Sentiment of Beat Infancy: Conceptions of Childhood in the American Avant-garde

Graeme Langdon

Antonioni–La Grande tétralogie du malaise moderne: une étude visuelle de l’absence et du vide

Catherine Benoit

Eye and Brain, Torn Asunder: Reading Ideology in Sally Potter’s Orlando

Zoë Heyn-Jones

Si le vent soulève la neige …

Anne-Louise Lalancette

Look At Me and Tell Me If You’ve Known Me Before: Exploring Affect After Inland Empire

Kate Rennebohm

About the Design & deviantART

Adam Rosadiuk