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Edition 3


edited by Nadine Asswad & Synoptique Editorial Collective

Originally published as an integrated/interactive HTML website, this edition has been preserved for future viewing in the form of PDFs which attempt to preserve the original layout as best as possible.

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Individual Chapters

A Talk with the Artist: Abbas Kiarostami in Conversation

Shahin Parhami

Festival de TriBeCa : Compte Rendu, Partie #1 : Les Documentaires

P-A Despatis D

Picturing the Primitive

Santiago Hidalgo

Les DVD qu’on peut ne pas acheter

Michel Gatignol

The Why and the How of Movie Trailers

Brian Crane

The Provocateur Auteur, Paul Verhoeven and the Reception of STARSHIP TROOPERS (1997)

Owen Livermore

KILL BILL : VOLUME 2, The 2nd Inter-Review

Jon Doyleand & Sarah Duda

The Last Samurai, Confused About American-Japanese Relations?

Martin Lefebvre

Troy, D’oh! The Iliad Redux: Some Notes on Adaptation in Troy

Janos Sitar

+ Splinter Reviews

Colin Burnett, Janos Sitar & Collin Smith

Doctor Vornoff’s Corner #002, Paracinema

Dr. Eric Vornoff