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Edition 4


edited by Lys Woods, Colin Burnett & Owen Livermore

Originally published as an integrated/interactive HTML website, this edition has been preserved for future viewing in the form of PDFs which attempt to preserve the original layout as best as possible.

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Individual Chapters

Postmodernism and (Post)Feminist Boredom

Jodi Ramer

Dorothy Davenport: From Social Conscience to Exploitation Pioneer

Robert Read

The Stepford Wives, Reality is Stepford.

Dave Douglas

Women and the Silent Screen: Panel 16, New Histories / New Methods | Histoire nouvelle, méthodes nouvelles

Lisa Fotheringham

Tribeca? –Or not

Daniel Stefik

Interview with Erin Brown

Janos Sitar

Decasia (2002) A Review

Mike Rollo

Bubba Ho-tep (2003) A Review

Neil Karassik


Colin Burnett, Jason Woloski, Janos Sitar, Owen Livermore, Mattieu Bégin & Brian Crane

+ Splinter Reviews (IV)

Jason Woloski, Steve Hyland, Janos Sitar, Colin Burnett, Owen Livermore, Collin Smith & Mike Baker