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Edition 6


edited by the Synoptique Editorial Collective

Originally published as an integrated/interactive HTML website, this edition has been preserved for future viewing in the form of PDFs which attempt to preserve the original layout as best as possible.

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Individual Chapters

On Film Style

Brian Crane

Notes on Style and Design

Adam Rosadiuk

Style As Sample

Colin Burnett

There is No Band at Club Silencio, Thoughts on David Lynch and Mulholland Drive

Mario Falsetto

The Construction of the “Hitchcock Blonde” in Marnie (1964)

Jodi Ramer

Vox ex machinas: Rethinking the Narrator in Barry Lyndon

Chris Meir

Whose Film Is It Anyway: Interpretation, Reception and the Queering of Basic Instinct

Lysandra Woods

David Chow, Portrait of an Unconventional Hong Kong Filmmaker

Mélanie Morrissette

Review of the 2004 Montreal Festival of New Cinema

Jon Doyle

Festival du nouveau cinéma 2004 - The sky is the limit!

P-A Despatis D

Gun and Other Play: Takashi Miike and Fantasia Festival 2004

Owen Livermore


Multiple Authors