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Issue 1.1


Open-Call Issue

edited by the Synoptique Editorial Collective.
Open-Call Issue

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Individual Chapters


“50 Different Ways”: Murder and Narration in La chienne and Scarlet Street

Julien Lapointe

Ambiguous Symbols: Cocteau's and Verlaine's Strategies for Defamiliarisation

Alison Frank

Contextes de production en Argentine : Le cinéma durant la dictature militaire et le Nuevo cine argentino

Julie Ravary


Fantasia International Film Festival - Montreal, Quebec (July 19 - August 9, 2012)

Dru Jeffries

Telluride Film Festival (August 31 – September 3 2012)

Lindsey Campbell

Ryoji Ikeda: l’image inaltérée - DHC/ART, MONTRÉAL DU 1 4 JU AU 1 8 NOV 2 01 2

Zarah Ross

The “Un-Happy Ending”: Reviewing the Cinema of Frank Capra de Vito Zagarrio Bordighera, 2011

Andrée Lafontaine

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