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Issue 7.2


Open Issue

edited by the Synoptique Editorial Collective.
Open Issue

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Individual Chapters



Editorial Collective


Super 8 Chic: The Collision of Small Gauge Film, Visual Ethnography and Filmic Portraiture in Peggy Ahwesh's Pittsburgh Trilogy (1983)

Benjamin Ogrodnik

Intra-Active Documentary: Philip Scheffner’s Havarie and New-Materialist Perspectives on Migrant Cinema

Alena Strohmaier and Lea Spahn

“We deserve better”: Tumblr Fandoms and the Fan Activists’ Fight for Better Representation of Queer Characters on TV

Léa Le Cudennec

No Laffing Matter: The Laugh Track as More than a Function of Discourse

Dylan Cree


Joshua Neves and Baskar Sarkar (eds.). Asian Video Cultures

Luke Robinson

Lee Grieveson. Cinema and the Wealth of Nations

Matthew Ellis

Joshua Glick. Los Angeles Documentary

Andrea Mariani

Living in Digital Warfare: A Review Essay

Patrick Brodie

Michael Gillespie. Film Blackness

Phillip Lamarr Cunningham

Bonnie Ruberg and Adrienne Shaw (eds.). Queer Game Studies

Sarah Stang

Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, 2017

Sima Kokotović and Giuseppe Fidotta

Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal, 2017

Natalie Greenberg


Notes on Contributors

Editorial Collective

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