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Issue 8.1


Becoming Environmental:
Media, Logistics, and Ecological Change

edited by Patrick Brodie, Lisa Han, Weixian Pan.
Becoming Environmental:
Media, Logistics, and Ecological Change

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Individual Chapters



Patrick Brodie, Lisa Han, and Weixian Pan


Michelangelo Antonioni’s Images of the Planet in the Anthropocene

Peter Lešnik

Spatial Survey: Mapping Alaskan Oilfield Infrastructures Using Drones

Ila Tyagi

Senses of Place at the Border: Visual Cultures of Mobility at Canadian Airports

Sydney Hart

The Making of Urban Computing Environments: Borders, Security, and Governance

Ilia Antenucci

Distributed Resistance, Streamlined Silk

Solveig Suess

Coastal Media Dossier

Introduction to Coastal Media

Alix Johnson

The Shoreline

Liz Miller

Coastal Communications

Shirley Roburn

Kelong: Politics for Life in the Johor Straights

Zahirah Suhaimi

blóm + blóð

WhiteFeather Hunter


SwampScapes: A Creative Practice of Commoning in Florida’s Swamps

Liz Miller, with Kim Grinfeder, Evan Karge, and Grant Bemis

A Conversation on Media and Logistics

Deborah Cowen and Kay Dickinson, interviewed by Patrick Brodie

Book Reviews

Richard Grusin (ed.) After Extinction

Léa Le Cudennec

Michael Osman. Modernism’s Visible Hand: Architecture and Regulation in America

Tyler Morgenstern

Derek P. McCormack. Atmospheric Things: On the Allure of Environmental Envelopment

Miguel Penabella

Sara Ann Wylie. Fractivism: Corporate Bodies and Chemical Bonds

Miles Taylor

Festival Reviews

FNC 2018: Festival Gender Politics after #metoo

Ylenia Olibet

Vision Festival at Tufts: Free Jazz/Social Justice

Matthias Mushinski

TAAFI Industry 2018

Elena Altheman

‘Yours in Sisterhood’: Rethinking the Feminist Archive at RIDM 2018

Lola Rémy

Poetics of Change: Soda Kazuhiro’s Retrospective at RIDM 2018

Marco Meneghin

Les Sommets du cinéma d’animation 2018: A Network of Animated Bodies

Cole Armitage, Victoria Berndt, and Alexandre G. Vermeil

Hump! 2018

Jordan Gowanlock


Notes on Contributors

Synoptique Editors

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