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Issue 2.2


Open-Call Issue

edited by the Synoptique Editorial Collective.
Open-Call Issue

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Individual Chapters


Impression and Expression : Rethinking the Animated Image Through Winsor McCay

Daniel McKenna

L’image retrouvée : de l’anamorphose à la transformation conforme

Félix Lambert

Aller au cinéma : Fuite hors de la ville et accompagnement distancié sur le site du multiplexe

Simon Thibodeau


A Discussion with Malcolm Turvey on Specificity, Essence, and the “Cinematic”

Adam Rosadiuk and Zach Melzer

Filming with Nature : A Conversation with Experimental Filmmaker Chris Welsby

Beatriz Bartolomé Herrera and Sophie Cook

Exhibition & Festival Reviews

IS : Expanded Cinema (is) a Diaspora Review of Media Art Exhibition at the Africa in the Picture Film Festival 2012

Yvette Granata

Film Pop Montreal Festival Review

Alyssa Beaton

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